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Model: MF-8
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Rinser / Filler data sheet

MF series multi purpose SEMI-AUTO gravity feed step filling machines are

suitable for filling most still (non carbonated) products. These machines do

not need electricity or compressed air to operate, which makes it ideal in rural

area’s especially in Africa. Our MF-8 semi auto rinser / filler machines are

Locally designed and manufactured for African conditions to be durable and

Rugged with an all stainless steel construction. Bottle rinsers are standard on

the MF-8 semi auto rinser / filler.

MF-8 semi auto rinser / filler

- 330ml to 5000ml Bottle

- PET or Glass bottle

- Still product only

- Water, energy drinks, alcohol, beverages, ect.

- Dairy and juice products, ect.

- House hold detergents and chemicals, ect.

Filling capabilities:

No need

No need



330ml - 5000ml bottle

16 - 45ml bottle neck

800 - 1000 LPH

S/Steel (3bar Max) supply for water

Probe system for all other products

1 inch female (PVC)

3/4 inch female (PVC)

125 - 150 Kg



Compressed air

Bottle filling heads

Bottle rinsing heads

Bottle height

Caliber (to be confirmed)

Filling capacity

Product entry valve

Product entry size

Rinse water entry size

Machine weight

Machine dimensions